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Ord Machining’s fully equipped workshop and highly skilled employees can perform your repairs and manufacture to your specific needs to reduce your down time no matter what your needs may be. Getting you back operating is our number 1 goal and we pride ourselves on prompt service. If you have a breakdown and are faced with replacing with new parts come and speak to Phil and you may find repairing is an option that saves you time and money.

Some of the repairs we do on a regular basis are machining flywheels, rebuilding gearboxes, valves and pumps. We repair shafts, bores and threads. Our metal spraying is invaluable for repairing old shafts to stop leakage around seals and bearing journals. Enviropeel can be used upon your request to protect your repaired items whilst you may need to store them.

  • Machining
  • Fitting
  • Onsite Labour Hire
  • Repairs
  • Line Boring (Onsite and in Workshop)
  • General Engineering
  • Metal Spraying
  • Enviropeel
  • Gearbox Overhauls
  • Pulley Refurbishment